H1B Interview waiver drop box cases please share your experience

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I just got my drop box done.

I dropped on the 9th in Hyd and got it on the 31st.

i have seen people get it in 4 B days. Mine went into admin processing (no 221G or passport returned, or client called)

the wait was difficult as no one would tell me what the heck is happening, But i would do it again for convenience sake ( no appointment nessecary, admin processing is independant of method of submission of papers (either interview or dropbox or IWP)

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Here is my chance to update..

Model-EC- big us based consulting company.

Consulate -mumbai

Drop box -Ahmedabad

Last stamping Dec2010

Docs accepted (only)


Dropbox -confirmation



Copy of I-797

Axis bank receipt

Nothing else was accepted.. That gave butterfly in my stomuch...

Date - 1/22

Received an email in 1/25 saying passport collected from embassy.

Got my stamped passport on

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  • 2 weeks later...

I am glad for you brother.....

  • But, can you please let me know that when you reached to drop your docs to consulate , what is the actual process?? do you have to submit the envelop with all required docs? or some body will guide you to do the same.

Also, did you try to submit other documents?

Please provide as much as info... which can help too many people who lacks of the info.

Highly appreciate your co-operation.

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