Travelling to US for first time within one month of visa expiry h1b


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My visa was issued on Jun 26 2012.

Petition date/h1 b expiry date - Mar 9

My employer has booked my tickets for Feb 1

So I just have about a month time to file for extension and as it is feb I just have a mere 27 days left in the clock. As I am travelling for the first time I don't have a SSN as well

What are my chances of filing the extension realistically?

Will I be questioned at POE about late travel though I was issued only for 9 months at the first place

Is there any chance that the immigration officer will issue me I94 form for more days than actual expiry

What are your suggestions?

Any response is much appreciated

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As long as you have proper documents you will be admitted. You should not receive work authorization for more time than is left on your approval notice. You do not file the extension; your employer will do so. The extension will not be a problem if it is filed before the expiration date.

You are good to travel with your approval and proof of current offer of a position. Be sure to have your employer's contact information handy if there are questions at the POE.

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