65+ Days in White 221(g) for H1b @ Vancouver


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had an interview at US consulate in Vancouver on NOV 26, its been almost 58 and still no update from consulate. My case details on CEAC website still shows as administrative processing with case creation date as Nov-26-2012 and case last update date as Nov-26-2012. This is my new H1b expiring in December 2013.

My interview was pretty straight forward, they asked for my client letter, paystubs, and master degree. I have shown everything, then they said everything looks good but unfortunetly they have to do some background check and since then i am waiting in Vancouver on 221(g).

Anyone else waiting for more than 55 days for 221(g) Admin Processing in Vancouver?

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try sending them an email

Tried that here is the response i received from them.

Dear Sir,

The 60 days quoted on the website is strictly an approximation. Unfortunately, a lot of cases do take considerably longer. We have no way of predicting how much longer it will take because the whole process is done electronically. We simply have to wait for the response before we can continue further with your H1B application.

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Hello Dear,

Really appreciate if you can update question/answers with visa officers and any documentation or common-name issues?

usually these are 3 leading reasons leading to 221g.

My documents were perfect, i had letter from client and everything. I think its due to common-name issue. My visa is still pending administrative processing.. My employer contacted US consulate in Vancouver last week and they said they have sent a follow up email to administrative processing department on my behalf and they do not know how much longer it will take. I checked my status again today at CEAC website but still no updates. I am keeping my finger cross and I will wait and see 2-3 weeks more, after that I will check with my attorney to discuss what other options i have to expedite this excruciating administrative processing

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