Can we fill another DS-160 form to correct any mistakes made in earlier submitted DS-160?


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Yesterday, I filled DS-160 form and submitted with confirmation of ceac bar code. While filling up, i mentioned near by city as my place birth, instead of a place where I was born and the same appearing in passport. This mistake was happened knowingly with my interpretation becoz, under the place of birth heading, there are two field to be fiilled up 10 city: 2) country: . By seeing this, I filled city field with city name which is near by to my village. Is it create any problem in Visa Interview becoz, my passport showing place of birth as my village name.

What to do now? Can I fill another DS-160 form to correct the above thing, as I did not pay visa fee and yet to schedule visa interview, just only submitted DS-160.

Please help me in this regard.

Thanks in advnace



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