Long Delay in Spouse Receiving Green Card


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This is regarding my wife not yet receiving her 485 approval. Here's the situation.

I am the primary applicant for an employment based green card application under EB-2. My priority date was Aug 2007.

In July 2011, I received my green card. However, my wife's 485 application has not yet been approved. Repeated visits to the USCIS Office here in San Jose, CA have not helped much. The only response we get repeatedly is that her case is still being reviewed.

Sometime on 2010, my wife had been asked to visit the San Jose field office. This was because her fingerprints were so light that they could not run a background. We were asked to visit the office with our police history records and any other supporting docs to help describe our background (which is squeaky clean). The officer checked everything and told us that things look fine, and once I (the primary applicant) received my 485 approval, my wife's would be approved too.

My question now is, what course of action can I take to find out what is causing the delay? I've made at least 5 trips to the field office here and I get the same response.

Everyone I know has received their's and their spouses green cards on the same day. Is a 1.5 year wait normal?



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