How long an expired H1B petition can be reused.

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I have H1B petition approved in Oct 2007 for company A and expired in Sep 2010, I never used this H1B.

I came to US on L1 for company B in Nov 2008 and still working with company B on L1 (from last 4 years 3 months). Now i am planning to search for an employer C who can process a new H1 under cap exempt using my old expired H1B petition.

My questions are

1) How long my expired/unused petition can be used to apply for a new H1 under cap exempt my H1 B petition got approved on Oct 2007 (5 years 3 months back), can i still use this?

2) If employer C is ready to process new H1 under cap exempt, they need to apply H1 with COS as i am currently on L1?

3) Once i get the new H1 with COS approved do i need to immediately join the new employer on H1?

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