Successful H1B Stamping @ Delhi


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Hi All

Wanted to share my visa interview experience. I have a EVT model and was in US for last 5year and 8 months on H1. This was for an extension (H1B Approved but Extension of stay was denied)

VO: Hello

Me: How you doing sir?

VO: How many employees your company had?

Me: 4500+

VO: Good, When did you start working @ Client

Me: 11 months

VO: When did you join you employer

Me: 2 months ago, very recently

VO: What is your role

Me: Explained

VO: Where exactly is ur client location


VO (Smiling): I actually have see this office

Me: really: are you a native of the state

VO: No, I was just visiting

Me: Great


VO: Ok, Your Visa has been approved. You will get it in 2 days

Me: Thanks

He didnt asked for a single paper , although I had all that was needed - Client Letter including. I had a complicated case earlier where because of amendments my extension of stay was employed, so I was worried. In anticipation of this I had switched employers while my H1b extension case was pending.

In the end it was easier than I thought

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