Vancouver 221G white ? without document checklist? Please help.


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At onemoresuggestion, I am on EVC model. My interview was on 10th and I called my manager y'day on 11th and he has not received anything yet. Even my employer did not receive anything yet.

Is there any case when they receive emails later sometime like after few days or weeks?

Anyone gone through same situation?

Yes my roommate as of now has received the 221g and they sent a questionnaire to the client asking for work related queries about who assigns, decides on work. Wait for the update

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Did you all had the end client letters, vendor letters and employer letters? Was your monthly equal to or greater than LCA salary?

Looks like VO was not satisfied with end-client letter or something.

If you post main contents of client letters or general scenario, I can try and help you as best as I know.

Usually, email-id of your manager, as mentioned in I-129, gets an email asking for further information and certain documents.

Then he/she forwards it to HR and Attorney/legal for advise and it gets lost in that.... VO waits for information.. but someone is not responding!! If you provide me with relevant info, I can at-least point you who to poke in your employer/client side to expedite your case.

If you already have got your visa. Best wishes.

Please update your status. If you do not update, it means you got your visa and you are back in your USA and joined client. Good luck ahead.

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