H1-B transfer and extension


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My current H1-B expires on the 23 of jan 2013, current employer-A is working to file for extensionin thru premium process. Meanwhile I got another offer from different company -B who are willing to transfer H1-B but thru non-premium process.


1. While my current employer -A files for extension, can simultaneously employer B can file for transfer?.

2. I need to know how to move to employer-B while being within time limit mentioned.

3. After reading some of the blogs, its indicated that the transfer is not possible until Employer A gets extension approved, if so what will happen to the transfer applied simultaneously from employer- B

4. Taking the holidays into consideration (dec 25th and new year) how long does it takes to know the application process, from past experience other than updating from USCIS website on the premium process.

Thank you

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