Went out of country when CoS is pending - CoS was Approved later


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Hello All,

I came to US in April 2011 in L2 visa and applied for EAD. I started looking for jobs after EAD and I got an offer in mid November, the start date of job was given as 12/1/2011. The employer applied for H1B visa (premium processing) in the third week of November. I had to go to India around the same time (third week of Nov) to address an urgent issue . I reentered US on L2 visa on 11/30/2011 and my H1B petition as well as the change of status (CoS) got approved on 12/15/2011. I was given a I94 in the port of entry and an I94 was sent along with my H1 petition approval. I still don't have visa stamping. I have plans to go to India in May 2013.

All Relevant Dates from my I797 notice:

Petition Receipt Date: 11/21/2011

Notice Date: 12/15/2011

I94 start date: 12/14/2011

I94 end date: 11/29/2014

Date of leaving US: 11/21/2011

Date of reentering US: 11/29/2011

Here is my question:

When I go for stamping in India, will there be an issue because I left US on the same day my CoS was received by USCIS?

Any help is much appreciated

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