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Am currently employed with Employer A for the past 3 yrs and my employer has initiated the GC Process. He has informed me that my I-140 is approved with a priority date of Dec 2010. But he is not willing to share the receipt # or the scanned copy of the approved I-140 form. He says that as per company policy, they dont release I-140 copies to employees. Is that legal ? Arent employees entitled to receive a copy of their documents ?

Now I have a good full time offer with Employer B and they are willing to transfer my GC; Since my employer is not even willing to share any details on my I-140, am not sure how to retain my priority date while porting to Employer B. Is there any means by which I can get the receipt # or I-140 copy from USCIS ? Also even if I get it, will my Employer A be able to revoke my I-140 once I move out of the company ?

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Hi Soundariya,

I'm exactly in same stage not sure what to do.Pls reply if you have any info or advise which can be very helpful


I still dont .understand why cany employer give a copy when u paid for the GC process and i dont think it has info which is so secret that any employee can do something with that.


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