H1b Extended with I-140 but I-94 not included.


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Hello All,

I have my H1b Extension with my approved I-140 until DEC 2015. I got my I-797C but with missing I-94.

Can any one please let me know what are the options I have.

Can I submit a request for I -94?

Is that a mistake by USCIS?

Do I need to go out of the country before my current I-94 expires? I am not sure why my I-94 is missing.

I have my visa appointment in Toronto on Nov 14th.

Gurus, please advise...


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Thank you guys, I checked with my employer and they said that attorney has the I-797A ( thanks to my friend who reminded me about the I-94 stuff when he was involved in document sorting ).

I attended my visa interview today in toronto and is approved.

Q's asked:

1. Where do you work.

2. Is that the end client

3. Who is your employer

4. Can i see the client letter

5. Can I see your LCA

6. Can I see you tax returns

7. What is your role

8. How long were you at the current client

9. Where did you work before

10. Did your company filed your green card.

11.Can I get the documentation

12.What is your highest level of education

13.How come your masters degree is relevant to the job you are performing.

Visa approved

Keep the answers as simple as possible. That is all I could suggest to the folks attending the Visa


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