Does H1B transfer denial have an effect on other H1B Transfer petition?


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Hi All,

I am working with Company A on H1-B, I have filed an H1-B transfer with a relatively small company B.

As I wanted to wait till the approval is received, I haven't started with Company B yet.

In the mean time, I have been offered a fulltime employment with Company C, where I have submitted them all the required documents for the H1-B transfer.

Today, when I Checked on USCIS site, I see that Transfer petition which Company B had filed, is in Denied status.

I haven't informed Company C about the H1-B transfer with Company B.

My questions are:

Should I Inform Company C about the issue?

Would this denial effect anything about H1-B transfer with Company C?

I am still working with Company A, and still in status.

Please help me understand, if this is some situation, I should be worried about.


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