Successful H1B stamping at Hyd Consulate India


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Thank you for your help and coming to my issue.

I am F1==> H1B This the first time for H1B stamping for me.

I failed to submit the documents in 3 days in advance, which is not necessary now in India

I am *** US FTE working for Fortune 10 client

Here are the things that i observed at Hyd consulate.

My interview time was at 10:00 AM, but i went there at 8:30 Only, they are allowing only 30 minutes before your schedule time to the Embassy

80% i see only parents attending for visa, after that only 10% for F1 and 10% H1B

I see only 5-10 people for H1 from 8:30 -10:00 AM not many

Interview Details and the person who took my visa interview was an Indian Guy ( who has spects)

VO= Good morning

Me= Good morning, How are you doing today?

VO= what is your company name

ME= I said *** US

VO= what is your salary

ME=XXXXXX$ per Annum

VO= Can i see your pay stubs

ME= yes and i showed him a bunch of them

VO= Is this an internal project or Client Side?

Me= Client side Project

VO= who is your client?

ME=XXX Client

VO= Did you do MS in USA?

ME= Yes and i tell him my University Details

VO= I am approving your visa.

ME=Thanks and have a good day

Folks according my observation visa become pure luck, infront of me he rejected one H1B and in the next counter an American women give some white slip to another H1B person

Good Luck Folks

Thanks again

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@electajay: Thanks for the info!! The reason I'm more concerned on PIMS is when I check status in USCIS website, I could see my case status sitting in Decision rather than in Post Decision. As Post Decision mean sending a copy to National Visa Center and Dept of State, my case status is not in Post Decision status which makes me worry.

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