PERM Denied. Appeal or new PERM?


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My PERM Application with PD 08/15/2012 is denied yesterday with below given reason :

"The foreign worker does not meet the requirements listed in section H , of the ETA form 9089. Specifically the employer describes the specific skills or other requirements necessary , in section H.14 as "SAS Certification as Base programmer.Section K requires employer ...".

Section H.14 : Bachelar degree in computer Science or related field and 5 years of experience as programmer analyst with SAS . SAS Certification in Base programming.

Even though I am certified professional since 2008 , looks like in section K Lawyer didn't mentioned explicitely that I have done certification in 2008 and just mentioned all programming skills/job duties along with previous employer experiences. When I had call with Lawyer , He mentioned that we will appeal for reconsideration of this case by sending Certificate and other details . According to DOL PERM processing estimate , the reconsideration is taking 10 months so should I take a chance to go for appeal assuming that the case will be considered as Gov't Error Reconsiderations or pursue my employer for filing new application which will take just 4 months to get decison.



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