Changing company in OPT when H1B is processing.


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Hi All, Please advise.

I am on OPT.

I used to work for a consulting company till MAY 2012. This company filed H1B for me in APR 2012. Before the approval of this petition I got a full time offer from the client where I was working.

So ,I took the offer in June 2012 without notifying that consulting company.

My current company (client) tried to file my H1B in june 2012 ASAP, but unfortunately the quota got finished.Then thaye said that "If the H1B petition from the previous company got approved they can do the H1B transfer or If it is denied we can apply in the next cap since I have Extended OPT till APR 20th 2013."

So ,I was continously checking the updates on my case. Recently in Sep 2012 , there was a RFE on that H1B.My previous employer replied to that in 3 days. The status on USCIS is still on RFE response review.I am not sure what he replied.AS I don't have good relationship with my prevous employer now i cannot ask him.

How to know whether he already withdrawn the petition or not ?

My only problem is I am planning to go to INDIA in DEC and returning in JAN.

What if that H1B gets approved?

What will be my status ?

Whom can I request to revoke that H1B processing?

Please help...

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