Employer not updating about h1b renewal process..


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My employer had applied for H1B renewal process 2 weeks back on premium processing (I paid for the premium process). He is not updating me with what is going on with my H1B renewal process. He is not responding to my emails nor is he attending my phone calls. But I have the receipt number. But I just see that status "ACCEPTANCE" for the past 2 weeks. Shall I call to the USCIS and try to find out what's happening with my H1B renewal application? Please suggest.

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Just a clarification, its 15 calendar days and not 15 business days.

How Do I Use the Premium Processing Service?

What is it?

Premium Processing Service provides faster processing for certain employment-based petitions and applications. Specifically, USCIS guarantees15 calendar day processing to those petitioners or applicants who choose to use this service or USCIS will refund the Premium Processing Service fee. If the fee is refunded, the relating case will continue to receive expedited processing.

The 15 calendar day period will begin when the current version of Form I-907, Request for Premium Processing Service, is received by USCIS at the correct filing address noted on the form. USCIS will issue and serve on the petitioner or applicant an approval notice, a denial notice, a notice of intent to deny, a request for evidence or open an investigation for fraud or misrepresentation within the 15 calendar day period. If the petition or application requires the submission of additional evidence or a response to a notice of intent to deny, a new 15 calendar day period will begin upon receipt by USCIS of a complete response to the request for evidence or notice of intent to deny.

Above is found from following the uscis website.

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