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I am travelling with family(wife+3 year old kid) to Ottawa for H1B stamping in November. Can you please share your experiencing on the following?

1) Travel by Car or fly? Is it any different driving in canada?

2) What are the options to spend time for 3 days wait time between interview and collecting passport?

Thanks much for your response.


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I dont know what module you belong to, if you are FTE then fly. If you are EVC then you should drive and go up there, its a simple math if you get stuck with 221g which is most likey possible, the money you saved through airfare would help a little bit not a whole lot, but its like a penny save is penny earned.

And also if you have a car while going through 221g you can atleast hang around with your family here and there.

Rest its up to you. Good luck.

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