Interview Update@Ottawa Oct 23


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Here is my interview experience.....

I am in EVC soon as i went to the counter 3, I saw a paper with the VO, which had "NO PIMS" rounded up with red ink pen. Since i already knew about the PIMS cases through this forum. I was little upset.

Me: Good Morning

VO: Good Morning

VO: what does your company do?

Me: said

VO: who is your client?

Me: said

VO: what do they do?

Me: said

VO: Ok, I don't see any defects with your application, your visa is approved but our systems are down and database is not yet updated. VO gave me a instructions paper, and he mentioned that by thursday evening I should have an update, he also mentioned that, if he has any update before thursday and require any information will contact through emails.

Now I am little worried, as how long it would take to get my PIMS updated. is any one on the same boat?

Thanks to Murthy Forums

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Hi i have attended interview on the same day. There was nothing mentioned about database. I went to counter 1 and he said that my visa was approved and gave me a sheet that says i have to wait for the waybill no. Currently i am just sitting and waiting for that... Is there anything that we can do to update or check this PIMS update.

Moreover how many ppl are currently staying in Ottawa who came for stamping ?

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