Successful Stamping @22 Oct at Toronto EVC


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I am on EVC model . I had my interview @8:15 am on 22nd Oct . Toronto consulate is a one floored building unlike other centers. They allowed us around 8:00 am to get inside.

Step 1: Security office will check your documents (Appointment Confirmation,Passport)

Step 2: After entering inside there is a security check point .

Step 3: One per person will see your Ds confirmation page.

Step 4: Lady will see your passport,Appoint confirmation page and Ds form . She has the list of all the applicants for the day and will check your name in that list .

Step 5: You will have into enter into the Main Interviewing room . Naturally there will a line to stand . This steps are common for all visa applicants in Toronto.

Here is my experience

After waiting in line, Lady at the counter took my documents (Ds confirmation page,Passport and I-797) and kept in a folder and gave me a token number to wait for this number for finger printing.

The hall is big with a screen displaying token numbers and specific counter numbers to go. I had my finger printer done and was waiting for my next call (interview)

Finally they called my number American Lady

Me: Good Morning Mam

Lady: Good Morning sir.

Lady: Who do you work for ??


Lady : wat's your salary ??

Me : xxxx

Lady: Where is your employer located ??

Me: xxxxx

Lady: For how long your are working for them ??

Me: xxxx

Lady: where do your Work ??

Me: xxxx

( All the time she was typing as i answer)

Lady: How long your are working for the client ??

Me: xxxx

Lady : Did you study here ??

me: Yes I did my MS in CS from xxxx

Lady: Have you ever been on bench ??

me: No

Lady: HOw long is your current Project ??

me: I said its on going project there is no specific time frame right now .It will go for multiple Years . I Have client letter if you want to look at then she said sure.

Lady : Went through the letter and asked who is this xyz company ??

Me: I said its my vendor company . I have vendor letter with if you want .

Lady : She said no need i am giving you a Visa, That's it ...



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