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I got my H1 stamped (based on my I-140 approval) and I have my stamping till around mid of 2013. I also have my I-485 filed and have my EAD and AP with me.

I am planning a vacation out of Country around December.


  • When I come back from my vacation, should I enter the country on H1 or AP? If I enter on H1, will I be asked about the customer I am working for (what if my current project is over that time and am on a break before my next project).
  • What exactly is the difference in between entering the country using AP or H1B? Will that determine my status of my stay after that?
  • Or is it just safe to come back in on one against the other ?

Apart from this,

As it is past 6 months after I received my EAD, am I eligible to switch jobs? I read in the forums that I can go for 'similar' jobs as mentioned in my PERM. Is there a way to find the job description specified in my PERM. I just know the receipt number and the EB2 category.

Thanks a lot.

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