H1b extension based on I140


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I worked for X company and they applied for my GC in EB3. I got I140 approved.

I had only 1.5 yrs left out of my 6 year.

Recently I joined Y company.

They applied for my H1b transfer and got visa till remaining 1.5 yrs. Means till Dec-2013.

They didn't apply for 3 years based on approved I140. The reason behind is their contract with client is till Dec-2013. They renew contract every 3 years. So they requested for H1B extension till Dec-2013.

Since i have only 1.2 yrs left out, company Y has to start labor now.

My question is if I plan to transfer to company Z, is it possible for them to request for Visa ext for 3 more years based on my approved I140?

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