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I had my H1B Visa Interview on OCT 23rd in calgary, VO said that "we are recommending your Visa but we need to conduct administrative processing" Handed me the white document with adminstrative process, she didn't ask me for any documents during the interview or on the peice of paper given to me.

She told me to wait for the email

Gave back my passport, kept my I797, Also told me that my PIMS is not updated

Does any one know the processing time in such cases

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Hi All,

I thought of sharing my experience

Had my L1 visa interview at Calgary US consulate on Oct 02, After the interview VO told me that "we are recommending your Visa but we need to conduct administrative processing. We will notify you once the processing is complete. It will take 2-3 weeks” and handed back our Passport with a white paper (Administrative processing) with resume and publication selected. I handed over my resume to VO.

After waiting for exactly 3 weeks (checking status from consulate every week thru, I got email from consulate on OCT 23 to submit my passport in consulate or in LOOMIS office which we selected Initially.

Today I went to US Consulate to submit my passport. Visa Officer told me that my visa is approved and wait couple of days to receive my passport.

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I interviewed at Ottawa Consulate on Oct 29 2012. The Asian VO asked me only one question "describe what my job responsibilities were".

I was told that my visa was approved. Then, I was handed the "is your visa approve?" sheet. VO also told me that “you will hear from us about when to pick up the passport”. It's been over a week (Nov 6) now. I haven't heard from consulate or Loomis.

Seems like my case has been moved to administrative processing. I am saying this because a lot of people who interviewed and approval on Oct29 at Ottawa Consulate, have received their passports.

In my case - it was H1B extension stamping. I have always been full time employee.

How much time does it take for Administrative Process to complete?

Why would they so Administrative Processing after approval?

What does it even mean? What are they looking for?

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Hi Guys,

Finally I am putting my story together

Stamping date, Time, Location: 23rd Oct 2012, 8.00 a.m, Calgary

Result: Administrative Processing

Response Email from Embassy: 9th Nov 2012 (18th Day, Friday evening)

Submitted passport: 13th Nov 2012 (since Monday holiday_veteran’s day)

Got PP back: Thursday, 15th Nov 2012

Back to U.S: 16th Nov 2012 (25th Day)



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