Can I immediately open a company on my name after receiving EAD?


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Hello Friends,

I wanted to seek advice.

I got approved PERM and 140, PD is current and my 485 is about to be filed.

I plan to continue working for my employer after I get my EAD and GC.

Question -

1. Once my 485 and EAD are filed, and I receive my EAD card, can I immediately start a company of my own? I plan to work on my company over the weekends and evenings. I wil lstill be employed with my current employer.

2. Once EAD is received, do I have to wait for 180 days to start a business or I can immediately register and get started.

3. Once my 485 is filed, and I travel aborad on H1b, and my 485 gets approved, can I enter back in USA?

Thanks a lot


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