ottawa october 23


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Hi Thanks one and all who posted their previous visa experiences....

Scenario: EVC model

interview with Chinese tricky questions asked except the below

Vo: how long has been working with you employer

me: 23 months

Vo: how many employees?

me: xx

VO: whats you technology?

me: oracle apps ERP consultant

VO: what your client company does

me: mfg shoes.......some thing like that

VO: whats your responsibilities?

me: started saying one or 2 resp and he stopped me and lean forward and said "Your visa is approved and you can track the status using this letter"

this is not even a minute.....

i Am sorry, i dint observe weather any one got 221gs I am sitting in the corner and cant listen what they are talking..

My experience:

Guys please don't panic about the Chinese guys as mentioned by others here before.If you have the client letter and all documents with are done.....

But make sure to say answers with confident...just think like you are speaking to a customer care executive but never lie to them ...because they can track most of the information.

all the best....

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