23Oct2012 : Ottawa : My Exp


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I am just done with interview. They asked only I-797, passport and DS-160. No other docs asked in the process!

Only few questions:

Is this ur extension?

Ans: Yes

When first time u got ur visa?

Ans: 2008 in India.

Have u changed employer in between?

Ans: No

Wht ur employer do?

Ans: xxx

Do u have any end client?

Ans: Yes

What ur end client do?

Ans: yyy

Wht u do at ur end client?

Ans: zzz

Visa Officer: As of now ur application is clear. Our database is running slowly! In between I get any questions, i will contact you! Otherwise u r all set.

He gave one document to track the status of passport! Said it will take 2-3 days to receive passport, may be by Friday evening!

VO is american senior guy.

Thanks all for ur posts!

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EC model. Doing consulting (not FT). Directly from India on H1B. No MS in US. Client Letter not asked. But saw VO was asking for many other guys!

They ask more docs, starting from Client Letter, if they have any questions/doubts on ur profile and employer profile. If everything is clean, then no need to worry at all!

Seems it's risk to come here without client letter.

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