visa interview on tuesday @ottawa


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I had my Visa interview done successfully this morning. All they are asking are the letters. here is my conversation with Visa officer. I had my interview at counter number 2 and other VO is at 1 ;).

VO: do you have a client letter, i gave him my letter

let me understand, you work for this client directly, i said yes.

is there a vendor, i said yes and gave him vendor letter

Does your client work directly with your employer, i said NO and gave him PO of primary vendor contract with my client

But client letter says your employer name, i said as i am employed through ... company and they control my work and we have status calls once every week.

what do you discuss in those calls, i said....

i want to check if this OK as my company has been merged with another company and he checked with other VO and entered some details on system and said, I will issue you visa and its takes 3 days.

letters..letters letters....thats all they seem to be asking ..atleast for me.

Good luck everyone

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