Ottawa appointment on December 3rd


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Hi Guys,

I also have my h1b visa stamping on December 3rd. I will be driving from Ohio to Ottawa. I am also planning to book my accommodation and if anyone of you are interested then we can probably plan to book together.

You can contact me at (two four zero) - (three four seven) (three two six seven)

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All, my interview was today and below is my expirence.

1) Inital Steps similar to mentioned in the other threads of this forum - Submit your papaerwork at one counter, you will get a token, you will be called for figureprinting, and then await for your number at the window for interview.

I am FTE and my interview did not even go beyond 2 mins (I did not even open my folder). This is my second stamp for H1b. I am into SAP and part of IT organization in my company.

VO: Good Morning

Me: Good Morning Sir

VO: So are you applying for the same company as in previous VISA

Me: No, Currently I work for XYZ company

VO:How long have you been with XYZ company

Me:a little more than 1.5 years

VO: Tell me something about XYZ company

Me: Bla Bla Bla about company, mentioned what company does ...

VO:Tell me whats your position

Me: Bla Bla Bla told 5 - 6 sentense which org I belong and my job duties.

VO: What developement Tech you use

Me: Within SAP ....... again told 2 sentence technical this time

VO: Ok I am going to approve your VISA, here is the information how to track your passport.

Me:Thank you Sir

Me: Took the white Paper with Loomis information and said have a great day.

The VO officer who took my interview was heathy white american at counter 3.

Well here is the tip - Firstly be confident and answer to the point. Secondly VO's job is to grant you Visa and not deny it, but before they approve they want to make verification check that the petition matches with Job profile you are performing.So go with a mindset to show all the proof that VO would possibly ask (Paperwork is key)

Is any one available to hangout in ottawa, fo drinks, food maybe ?

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