EAD Expiration, Renewal & Travel to India


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My EAD/AP expires on 13-Apr-13. I am on H1-B and planning to travel to India from 23-Feb-13 and return to US on 23-Mar-13. Following are my questions:

  1. I want to return using AP without going for H1-B Visa stamping. Is it advisable?
  2. Can I return to US 20 days prior to EAD/AP expiration? and then apply for renewal?
  3. Can I start the EAD renewal process say starting 1-Nov-12 (more than 120 days before the EAD expiry) , hoping i will get my renewed EAD before my february travel so I can travel without worry of expiration
  4. How long is it taking for the EAD Renewal these days?

Pls give me response as I have to plan for my travel and other renewal process


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