l1b to H1B COS while L1B extn is in progree


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I have L1B Visa Status and I94, both till 8th Sep, 2013 with Company A. Company B is ready to file my H1B with COS.Please help me with possible answers on below case.

Company B applies for H1B with COS in April ‘2013 and Company A applies for L1B Extn in May’2013.

By October 1st, 2013: H1B approved first and L1B Extn is still in process. Can I switch over to Company B? If so what will happen to my L1B Extn? Is it legal to stay in USA from 8th Sep’2013 to 1st Oct’2013?

Basically my question is , Can I move to Company B (Who sponsors my H1B), while my L1B Extn is in progress? Is there any chance i will refall again into L1B ?



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