Oct 22nd Successfull first H1b Visa Stamping Toronto Canada


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I would like to thank murthy forum for all of my questions getting answered. Firstly about me Masters in US -> OPT --> H1B (FTE).

I applied for the canadian Visa on Tuesday 16th October and got my passport by thursday oct 18.

For the canadian visa the photos can be 2x2 photo taken at walgreens. The canadian website says the photo should be ATLEAST 1 3/8 x 1 3/4.

Till thursday i had not booked an appointment for my US Visa. On Friday the 19th there were no visa dates available in toronto. My 2 cents keep checking online, because at 12:30 pm I checked it again and got a date for Monday 22 and wed 24. I took the monday appointment. Flew from the US on sunday morning and checked into a hotel near Dundas square. Guys the Consulate is hardly a 10 min walk from here.

On the day of the interview (22nd)

My interview was scheduled at 1030 am. I reached there by 10. I figured from the posts in the forum that you have to be in the line just before 15 minutes. But anyways at 10 am there was a long line, so I went an stood in the line. Yeah before that the consulate does not allow backpacks (mistake on my part that i did not check), so the security guys come and tell to the people n the line that they do not allow back packs to be taken inside.

I asked him where should i put it, and he said "Sir I am just telling you know that we do not allow backpacks, you can give to someone who is standing outside", I thought of going to the hotel and keeping the bag, but the guy who was standing behind me told that you can keep thr bag in the Parking lot because he had kept it there last time when he came for interview.

PLease note the parking Lot is right opposite the consulate, So i kept my bag there and soon people who were having bags followed me and kept their bags there.

While on the line a consulate guy came out and stamped something related to Canada and you would be given a blue folder

It had details about the canadian visit.

Now the security guys outside call, ask if you have lighters, or all the things which are not allowed inside, I said No.

you enter the door and you have the scanner, and security check. went through

Now you will stand in a line where a lady would check the documents and ask questions

Lady outside : So you have selected XXX as loomis centre

Me : Yes.

Lady outside : Allright, Sir please do not remove the contents from this folder, she would stick a code on your passport and right Br (Mine was brampton). Now you will be sent to another line which leads to the Interview place.

A security officer come out and calls the number of emplty places inside.

No I stood in a line for counters 1- 4, this is where you get the token number.

Token number lady

What is the status for you in canada, She also takes the i797 from me.

Me : Visitor,

She writes it down on the place where they the guy who had stamped about the canadian visit details and she hands a token number

Now you will be called for fingerprinting with the token number. which are windows 9 and 10.

Fingerprinting officer

Do you have a recent photograph (please note that the photograph has to be less than six months old, I had mistakenly given her my F1 visa photograph, she checked and said this is the same photo as the F1 Visa)

Me : yes give it to her the recent photograph. 10 prints are done here, and she will tell you to sit down and you would be caled by the VO

while I was sitting I noticed that there were not many rejections today. The counters 5 and 8 were open where there was a lady seated in 5. Not sure of 8 because i was sitting behind the pillar.

at around 1230 counters 6 and 7 also opened. My Vo was an asian guy,

His first interviewers were two asian girls who got a Pink document.

Next was a Chinese guy who had a Indian passport (No kidding, He was a Citizen of india). He also got the visa, he was same as my case F1--OPT--H1

Please note you have to go to the counter only when called.

My turn comes

Vo: Hi How are you?

Me: Very good thank you.

Vo: Which company do you work?

Vo : Searches in the computer types something.

Vo : What do you work there as?

Me : (I tell him about my profession and what i do) blah blah

Vo: Do you have any end client ( keeps typing something on computer)

Me : No.

Vo : Sir I would be cancelling your F1 visa since you no longer are eligible for that (I was a little shocked, because he still hadnt told me did you get the visa)

Vo: Your visa is approved please check after 3 -5 business days handed me a the waybill number.

Me : Thank you.

My interview did not take more than couple of minutes. He did not ask for any of my documents, but to be safe I took all my paystubs, bank statements, my old i20s, offer letter, transcripts, Client letter (was not needed for me but thgought it would not hurt), EAD card.

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4Top55 -- > Yes you can carry Folders.

Alex2012 -- > I did not meet any EVC model person. One guy I met was B1 L1 transfer, but did not meet him after interview

H1 Stamping12 --> I am staying at the bond place hotel. It is close to the US consulate from here.

I have not recieved my Waybill number yet. Will update the status once i get it.

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Thanks to the people on this forum and their helpful posts.

As I have driven up to Toronto for this process mid-October 2012, firstly, I recommend using Priceline Name Your Own Price for a hotel in downtown Toronto (or Hotwire). The closest hotels to the US Consulate entrance on 225 Simcoe St are Metropolitan Hotel and Bond Place Hotel. Hilton Garden Inn is good as well but a further walk or taxi.

If you are driving and need to park near the Toronto US Consulate, then there is a Vinci Parking Garage at 60 St Patrick St, Toronto, ON M5V 1Z1. ($14 CAD)

The Loomis Waybill Email takes at least 1 whole day from day of your interview.

Best Loomis Location for Passport Pickup: Brampton - 200 Westcreek Blvd (need a car to get here). Hope this information helps.



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