Canadian TRV @ New York Consulate


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Can someone tell me, how much time does Canadian Consulate in NYC take to process the Canadian TRV applications received by mail?

I see that the office in Detroit, MI is taking around 2 weeks to get the passport back, but no idea what is the rough expected processing time at Canadian Consulate in NYC office.

Did anyone mail there packet to Canadian Consulate in New York City?, if yes, then how much time it took to get the passport back?

Appreciate all your help in providing me this information. Thanks.!

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it may take anywhere between 4-6 weeks if you mail your docs. if you are in a hurry , its better you submit in person , it takes only 2 days.

Can I know how the Canada TRV works.If I walk in on a friday for my visa will I get my passport back with visa on monday or tuesday.I appreciate ur help................

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I have applied my Canadian visiting visa by mail to the newyork office,Its reached NewYork office on September 24th. Still I didn't get any response. So better to apply inperson if you have chance.

And I heared from other sources now they are taking more than 1 month for processing.

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