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My father is the principal applicant for L1A. He and my mother (L2 applicant) went for the interview. The interviewing officer told them your Visa has been approved.

When they went the next day to collect the passports my dad's passport had the L1 Visa stamped but my mohter was given a Yellow paper 221 (G) saying that "Your applicant for Non immigrant visa has been refused under section 221(g) US Immigration and nationality act, pending receipt of additional documentation/information. Once you submit the requested information or the additional processing is complete this office will review your application and submit a final determination. Only the items checked below apply to your case. Please submit the documents requested below along with your passport, this letter and I-797 in the dropbox"

The documents which they have tick marked are "New passport". We are confused why this has been asked as my mother's passport is valid till 2018?

Could the reason be that my mother has frequent B1-B2 denials and hence her passport is on statutory restrictions and hence they need a new passport with a new passport number?

Please help...I'm absolutely perplexed ...PLEASE HELP.

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