H4 stamping issue

F1 tension

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I am in a very complex situation and looking for answer. First I have

entered US on H4 stamping on 2008 nov and changed my status to F1on

2011 Jan went to India and entered back on (feb 2012) with H4 stamping (Valid through November 19, 2012) and again changed status to F1 on 2012 june at USA. and again its an emergency situation i have to go to India and my

studies are completed so i have to go to visa stamping which would be

H4 (H4-F1-H4-F1-H4 have to attend) . please answer it

Is it a safe thing to do ?

My question is is it ok I have changed my visa statuses 3 times so

would there be any problem in my interview?

Is there any rule people have to change visa statuses this many times only?

My Husband is working as Full time employee

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