Clarification - H1b Amendment Vs Concurrency


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I moved from Company "A" to new company "B" and obtained a new H1B for another 3 years (2012-2015) with Company "B" (new). I'm working for new company full time from Oct

Company "A" (Previous) would like for me to work part-time 10-20 hrs a month on need basis and have filed a H1b and checked "Change in previously approved employment" and mentioned it as a part-time (10-20 hrs) and obtained LCA for the same.


  1. Should the H1b for Old Company "A" be filed as "Concurrent" with new company "B" or just the amendment like it is done now valid? (A's attorney insisted this is the only valid option)
  2. Old Company "A" 's part-time amended H1b ends in July 2013. This should not affect new company "B"'s validity correct?

Thank you so much for your time in reading this


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