H1B chances for an indian from London Consulate


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I am in software industry and have 10+ years of experience in one of the world's best networking company. I am with this company for the past 9+ years, out of which 6 years in Bangalore and almost 3 years in the United Kingdom.

I got a job offer from one of the reputed telecom companies from United States and it's a direct offer (no consultant), full time.

Well, my history about US visa is something like this. My H1B (applied in 2008 through a consultant, in Delhi consulate) did not go through and B1 applied through my current employer (while in India, from Chennai consulate) didn't go through as well.

Now, I have a situation where I need to apply from London Consulate. Do you folks think the previous rejections in India affect this fresh application (through a genuine company, regular, full time employment)

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