successfull visa stamping in vancouver at oct 18th


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Hi All,

Thanks to everyone for posting interview experiences here. It helped me alot. Now my turn came.

I got the date oct 18th after lot of dates and centers changed, Mode: EVC

Mine is counter 5, American old guy

VO: how long been with u r current employer

ME : XX months

VO: what u do for them

Me: role and responsibilities

VO: u working yy company before xx company?

ME; yes

Vo; u work for u r employer or client?

Me: I work employer and he have end client.

VO: whoz u r end client , u have letter from them

Me: yes, I passed the letter (this one old letter but he didn’t see n e dates on letter)

Vo: did finishe master at which univ?

Me:ABC univ

Then he release the words what I want u r visa approved. I said thank you , u have gud day. He’s look like bad mood but he’s kool.

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