I-94 with previous employer stamping


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My latest I94 date which was posted at Port of entry in july expires on Dec 11 2012 which was based on employer A. My new i797 date is till Sep 2014 which is from employer B.

I called up a CBP officer in DELAWARE to correct the date and he asked me to go to chicago which was my port of entry.

Please help me with what options I'm left with. I still have approximately 2 more months.

a) I can try I-539

b) I can try to reach CBP at the Washington/New York International Airport

c) I can travel outside the country

d) Lastly if nothing works I can try for H1 transfer, with the new I797 I will get one more I94.

Please let me know your suggestions.

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More info required. Which employer are you working for A or B?

If you are working for employer A then your employer have to file for H1B extension.

If you are working for employer B, then I94 on new I797 is the valid one (I94 numbers should be same if you have not traveled out of country).

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