Multiple I-94 Confusion Please Advice


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I'm confused with my multiple I-94 which one do i need to carry or do i need to go for stamping. Here you go my scenario

1. My First H1B with XXX company will be expired on Feb 2013. In Feb 2012 I went for stamping in Vancouver and they did not gave me new I-94 they told me to carry the Same I-94. Later Recently in Aug 2012 I changed the client and got the new I-94 with Same I-94 Number valid till Aug 2015. Last month I went for vacation to India while going i gave my old employer I-94 in the departure.while coming back in port of entry they Gave me the new I-94 with new number which will end in Feb 2013. My Visa will end on Feb 2013.

2. Do I need to go for stamping Before Feb 2013. or I Can stay with the new H1B I-94(end's Aug 2015) with old number until it end. Please Advice i'm totally confused with this.



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