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I got the SMS last week that my 485 was approved and this past Monday I received the welcome letter.

Now, only I received it whereas my wife (who was the dependent applicant) did not receive it. However her application was also approved.

I have two questions now,

1. When we applied for 485 we were in a different address and while mine was changed (it got changed when I was asking questions about my application status back in Mar), her's was not. I am pretty sure her welcome letter and later her card will be doing to our old address. I talked to the Post Office and they said if they do not recognize the name, they will send it back. What are my options? I talked to a L2 officer and she said that we might have to pay $450 to have the card reissued. Is there a way out? I cannot imagine I am alone in this situation, how have others dealt with it?

2. My wife is presently in India, so should she enter via AP? We were both using our EAD/AP. How would the logistics of her re-entry work?

Any insight would be highly appreciated.

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Have her come back on AP . Obviously she has not got the GC even though you say it has been approved. If she is informed by the POE Officer have her practise suitable expressions of joy . If he does say that she may go for secondary processing. Once she is back she can get an INFOPASS to check. If you did not bother to change her address and they sent it to the wrong address you could claim the card was lost and I suspect they will not waive the 450 USD fee. Aside from the 450 USD for a replacement card and a couple of months wait you will get off relatively lightly for not taking COA requirememnts seriously. No major problem.

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So my wife came back today and she was asked to go through secondary inspection, where they did not tell her that her GC was approved. They took the I94 that she had completed and did the paperwork and stapled I94 back to her passport.

What does this mean now?

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