Got 221(g) and VO cancelled my previous Visa too


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Hi All

Appeared for the interview at Hyderabad consulate for my H1b stamping and VO issued a 221g to asking for additional documents. Visa officer also cancelled my B1 visa which was valid for 10 years with multiple entries I am worried as cancellation of Visa is a serious thing and I am concerned that whether this will effect my future entries in US. Kindly advise.

VO issued me a 221(g) asking for more documents , which I am going to send them soon. Kindly advise on how critical this case looks like and what will be their likelyhood to get back to me.

Advices and feedbacks will be highly appreciated.



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Can someone please help me on this? I am desperately looking for feedback/advices on this.

what chances I have to get my H1b after I will respond to 221(g)?

Is my situation a rare situation?

will the cancelled visa affect my current and future visa applications?

VO cancelled my previous visa , B1/B2, and issued me a 221(g) for my current visa (H1b) application.

The VO generally was very aggressive and he kind of pressed me hard to admit that I was WORKING while on B1/B2. I didnt admit to it and he immediately handed over the white 221(g) slip to me.

any experiences/feedbacks/advices will be highly appreciated.



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