got 221g please help..


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Hi ananya,

If you have recieved 221g, you might get it cleared in 3 weeks. But incase if you want to go urgently, then you might have to go India and apply for a multiple entry visa there. It might take 5-10 days to get your visitor visa stamped. You cannot apply for visitor visa staying in canada.

Hope this helps.


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You can apply to multiple entry visa once again from india. there are list of visa applicaton centres where you can drop your application and you should get your visa in 2 weeks.

please refer to this website for more details on how to apply for canada TRV from india.

Usually 221g process will take 2 to 4 you can comeback once again to canada once you get a reply from embassy.

good luck.


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Hi annanya -

What did VO say ? Did they give you any time frame and do you have your passport ?

Since you have a single entry visa, you probably should stay in canada until you hear from consulate. If you need to go back to India, you'll have to apply for Canada visa from india and come back whenever Ottawa consulate responds to you.

In my case, I got a 221g admin processing @ toronto consulate and luckily I was asked to come back for a visa after 3 weeks.

It also depends on your case too.. I have read in this forum that if you are on EVC model or if your name is on common-name-checklist it could take different amount of time. I have a direct employer and my case was a security clearance issue as one of my project was related to cryptography/security and the VO wanted to double check. Please do talk to your immigration attorney too as your case may be different.

I'd say, don't panic, 221g doesn't necessarily mean anything bad,, it just takes additional time. Good luck

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I got a 221g white form from US embassy at ottawa on Moday Oct-15th.

I still did not have any email-updates from embassy.

I could not check with my client about any questionaire from embassy as he is out-of-office unfortunately.

But going through forums here I realised the embassy would ask as client such questions as below.

1.) Who has the right to control the work of the applicant on a day-to-day basis if such control is required?

2.) Who determines the direction of the project?

3.) Who determines the applicant’s daily activities?

4.) Who provides the tools or instrumentalities for the applicant to perform the duties of employment?

5.) Who hires, pays, and has the ability to fire the applicant?

6.) Who claims the beneficiary for tax purposes?

All the best...

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i didn't work on CPT, and i used opt only for 1yr then changed status to h1b. my contact

well in that case then you don't need to get worried. I think VO wants to check your master's credentials since your school is black listed, and once that is cleared you will get your visa.

But can't how many days the processing will take.

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