H1-B stamping in Canada with expunged fourth degree misdemeanor


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Please advice if anyone encountered this issue.

Around 4 years back I was convicted for unauthorized usage of property(fourth degree misdemeanor), this case was expunged around 3 years back. Will there be any problem if I go to Canada for stamping and what are the documents which I need to carry related to the case. (I don't have original documents, I have copy of the documents with affidavit from the attorney who took Care of my case)

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Try to reach the county clerk of the court you appeared and ask them for the certified copies of your case entire documents and extra copies of ur case dismissal and expunge,

Try to get some supporting documents form your attorney showing a positive note about your case and you.

Prepare convincing answers for the expected questions asked about your case.

Be confident.

All the very best.

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