Re-entering to get I-94 correlating to my petition I-797.


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I had to go to Jamaica and re enter US to make the I94 correction on my passport. Can you please advice how safe it is to re-enter US from Jamaica?

Story Behind: I had two valid I797 in 2010 (one with my old employer and another with new employer). I went to India and had to get stamping, so I got my stamping with old employer petition and worked for them 1 month before I moved to my New employer. My immigration team are asking me to correct the I94 on passport same as I797. So they are asking me to go out and come again. They suggested best option is to go to Jamaica since there is no visa required for Indian passport.

My immigration team says I might get query while extension, so they want me to make this correction.

Any response will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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