did anybody got email from loomis for Oct 16 Ottawa visa approval.


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i believe the package is picked by DHL/Loomis every day in between 2:30 - 4:00 and then an email notification is sent after 5:00 PM , if our passport is ther in that days consulate package we can go to loomis after 5PM and collect....even before email is sent.

Guys is anybody still waiting for ther passports who had interview on Oct 16 or before?

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my observation:

If you got an apppointment which less than 2 weeks from the time u booked, then your passport will take 7-10 days for PIMS .

I've read some where , visa section in the consulate will request for the PIMS a week before your appointment and if we book earliest appointment then there lot of chances of getting stuck for 7-10 days as the VO will request for PIMS at the time of interview.

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