L2--> H1B processing Questions

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Currently i am on L2 EAD and working. My H1B visa has been filed on 4th of june, 2012 in normal processing. We also applied my husband H1B through Premium Processing and it got approved.

From 1st october, my husband can work on his H1 but as my H1B result did not come out, we are continuing on L1 and L2. But then we also applied for my Premium Processing in september end and i got first RFE on 4th oct, 2012

My husband is getting job offers. So my question is: If my husband moves on H1b then can i work as my H1B visa in processing? As we have heard some rumours that you can work if your visa is in processing and if your current visa has got expired. Please confirm. or is there any other option through which my husband also can move to H1b and i also can work till my result comes out?

As i have changed my processing to premium; When i will resubmit doc for RFE, can i expect result in 15 days for RFE as well?

Looking forward for your help.


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