Visa Appointment In November- Blocked?


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Did anyone able to schedule appointment in November under the new system? It seems they blocked entire month of November except Nov 1st.

The new system is messed up and you can not see the available dates with out cancelling the scheduled appointment. I had to book my flight tickets in advance to get the ticket in an affordable price. The new scheduling system was not available that time and now no interview dates are available during my vacation (November Mid to Dec 1st week). I am not sure why they are making a big deal out of this system. If I know no dates are available, I would have to postpone my travel plan ahead.

This is just not about money. It is an emotional thing as you give hopes to your immediate family waiting for a long time to see you. Also lot other personal commitments you might have planned are in jeopardy. Lets raise our voice against this discrimination.

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I too have in similar situation. So I understand your pain. I forced to extend my return journey till the stamping time. i explained the situation to my personnel department. To handle present unemployment situatation in USA, government politicised the issue and creating hurdles for non-immigrant employees. This is to discourage outsiders and create jobs for local (probably Obama thinks this way).

Due to this VISA appointment problem, I am now extending my stay in India for another 2 weeks. My personal department asked me to work from india for those two weeks to regularise the time sheet. Generally they don't encourage people to work from remote due to engineering nature of work. This is not individuals fault and they understood the situation.

If your trip is compulsory, I suggest you to request your personal department and they will definitely understand or show some alternative.

best wishes.

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I can completely understand your situation since I am in the same boat, my entire trip was planned around getting the dates in November. Suddenly I noticed the entire month of November skipped to December.

I was hoping they would open it later but didnt see that till yesterday, so had to reschedule my entire trip to new dates.

This is crazy but had no choice. Let me know how it goes, which center were looking ? I think all the centers in November were booked ..

I raised a similar issue in this forum last week.

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Am exactly in your same boat. I have booked my tickets and going for my parents function. Everything has been planned and sorted out except this one thing that decides the fate of other things. I am really really (can't emphasize enough) pissed off and frustrated with this new system of theirs. totally screwed up and bullshit!!! may be u can send a feedback in their system and they can give u a case status and # . 1-2 business days is what they claim they will fix any case.

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Hi all. The Nov 15 dates were available in the system for a very short period and it gets booked. So it is not available right now. However, it is not a dead end. More Nov 15 dates and after should open up soon. Just keep checking the dates and dont see it too often because you may run out of your daily quota. Before I got an appointment, I sent a feedback. They did get back to me however when it is not needed, that is after I got an appointment on Nov 15 at chennai. Here is what they said. Not sure if it will be useful but just sharing:

Thank you for writing to the U.S. Visa Service Desk.

Please note the allocation of the interview appointments on website is the sole prerogative of the U.S Embassy / Consulate.

We would like to inform you that the interview appointment dates are being released by the U.S. Consulate on a regular basis and same keeps constantly fluctuating depending on the appointment booking done by the applicants online. The dates could be available at any point of the day .If the calendar for a particular post is not showing then it means that the dates in that post is not available at the moment and you are requested to keep checking the website regularly to view the appointments available and book them as and when they are released.

Please feel free to contact us again if you have any further queries. You can also visit our website for more information.

Yours sincerely,

U.S. Visa Service Desk

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