H1B stamping in Hyderabad


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I booked my ticket and going to India on 18th Nov 12 for two weeks vacation & Visa stamping. I couldnot find dates for Visa stamping till 11th Dec 2012. I think many of you may face same problem.

Self and spouse both applied for stamping date together. In case, if I don't get earliest date, I want my spouse go for interview alone for H4 stamping and i want to come back to USA. My visa is valid till last week of December 12. If I don't attend the interview for Visa after apply, any problem for my spouse? Can I reapply alone, when I find free time during my next visit? I don't bother 190$ stamping fee. Other than this any issues are there? I called customer service and they also don't know any details. I don't find much use of the customer service.

Please post if you find any earliest date before 11th Dec 2012, either in Chennai or Hyderabad.


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