I have my visa appointment on Oct 22 at Toronto, do we need any canadian dollors


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I have my visa appointment on oct 22 In toronto,do i need to carry any canadian dollars,i read in one of the posts here that, we cant carry anything apart from our documents, but it will be better if we have some dollars in hand in case we needed for something,

plz respond if anyone has any idea, suggest me where can i get canadian currency


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you can carry your wallet with you all the time while you are in consulate. You can even carry your mobile too. But you have to keep it in the lockers at the security check and you can pick it up when you come out later. I didn't carry any Canadian $. But all the stores take US $ and will return the change in Canadian $ . If you want you can exchange in the airport. BTW i attended interview on 15th Oct. Good luck.

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