What happens to EAD when the primary quits job?


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I work for company A who did my GC. I have EAD and AP and my PD of Dec 11, 2006 (EB3-I). I want to take a break from work.

  1. What happens to the EAD when I quit the job (note that I am not switching jobs but quitting work altogether)? Does it become invalid? How does USCIS track this?
  2. Can I keep renewing the EAD even after I quit the job (since the paperwork does not ask for any work related papers)?
  3. Can I join back work (for another company B) on EAD after taking the break from work (say 6-8 months break)?
  4. What happens when my PD becomes current? Is there a chance to still get the GC (if there are no RFEs)?

Your input is very much appreciated.


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